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Can Philly Become a Hub of the “Impact Economy”?

Ben Franklin Technology Partners and the Economy League want ImpactPHL to encourage companies to “do well while doing good.” Read more


A new alliance, ImpactPHL, pledges to grow the local impact economy. Here’s why it’s important it succeeds. Read more

THE IMPACT INVESTMENT REVOLUTION: An American and Philadelphia legacy

While the term is new, the practices it covers are not. There is a history of social investment and grassroots institution building that is an important part of the DNA of the nation, and of Philadelphia in particular. Read more

Jun. 15, 2016 11:42 am

How the heavy hitters behind the newly formed ImpactPHL want to revolutionize capitalism

It’s an organization two years in the making, comprised of big-name partners dedicated to rallying the region around impact investing. It’s not a fund, but it’s definitely good news for social entrepreneurs. Read more